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January 18th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Life + Times


Yesterday I took a bit of a stroll through Multnomah Village (since it happens to be right outside my door), and I popped into the local wine shop to check out their selection. I found the proprietor entirely unfriendly and unhelpful, though maybe she assumed that because I was some punk kid in a hoodie I wasn’t really there to buy anything. Boy did her tune change when I actually selected a bottle. Silly people and their initial judgements.

Anyhow, the bottle I snagged was a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington-based Wines of Substance (pictured above), which I remembered having seen crop up on
The Dieline back in September. I couldn’t resist a chance to snag it and give it a shot, and I was told that it is actually very good compared to other wines in its class, and its less expensive, so that’s a major bonus.

I had a glass with dinner yesterday evening and it did indeed turn out to be quite a treat. Even at $19 for a bottle, it’s a noticeable step up from the majority of the cheaper wines I usually drink. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t some hidden gems in the lower price range, but they are hidden for a reason. If the Cabernet is any indication of the quality of the rest of their line, I think it’d be safe to say that anything from this line would be great if you’re looking to bring a bottle to somebody as a gift and are looking to impress them with your good taste in wine as well as package design. It’s also totally worth getting it for yourself. Dig it.

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