On Superstition

February 13th, 2009
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I will begin by saying that I am not a generally superstitious person. While many people I know cower in debilitating fear of black cats, shattered mirrors and cracks on sidewalks, I have long defied the nonsensical notion of negative tidngs that these things supposedly bring with them. It therefore goes without saying that when it comes to Friday the 13th, I typically laugh in it’s face. In fact, it has proven to be a fairly lucky day for me in every previous incarnation leading up to today. Today was the day I left my keys on the kitchen table.

A mistake like this sounds innocuous enough in it’s own right, and these things are typically solved fairly easily. Realizing that I did not have my keys in my pocket the moment the locked door shut behind me, I did what any sensible person would do; I called my apartment manager to get let in with the spare.

2 minutes and literally 30 keys later, we discovered there was not actually a copy of my key on site. The only duplicates lied in the dowrown office, on my girlfriends’s key ring, and in my parents’ kitchen. The first wouldn’t arrive for two hours, the second was supposed to have arrived within the hour but was delayed because believe it or not Ashley has a life too, and the third was further out of my way than I wanted to go. I decided to head up the street, swing by the gift shop and then settle at Starbuck’s and calm down with a Chai while I waited for either my manager or my parents to call back.

An hour later I had only heard about further delays and decided to take matters into my own hands. I was hungry, I had laundry to do, and I was in desperate need of a shower. Laziness was no longer a luxury I could afford. I collected my plastic shopping bag, put my coat back on and headed out to catch a bus over to my parents’ neighborhood. Upon arriving, I started the 20 minute walk down the hill from where the bus let off to get to my parents’ home. Confident I was moments away from securing re-entry to my apartment, I had a spring in my step and I was feeling optimistic. My good mood was immediately shattered like a piggy bank at the business end of a hammer wielded by a merciless ten year old when I arrived at the front door and realized I didn’t have the key to get into their house to get my key, because they were of course attached to the same key ring that was currently sitting on my kitchen table. For the second time outside of the second front door today, the nearby street echoed with the sound of me yelling “Shit!”

I began the long walk back up the stupidly steep hill. “Who the hell builds a gigantic neighborhood on a fricking mountain anyway?” I wondered to myself. A Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran” was playing on my iPod. Mocking me. Sneering at me even. Well, if it had a face with which to sneer. I was not amused. I arrived back at the bus stop sweaty and hot and uncomfortable and not in the greatest of moods. The only saving grace at this point was knowing that by the time I got back to my apartment, the manager would have come from downtown to drop off his spare copy of my key. Victory was within my grasp, finally.

Or at least it was, until I knocked on the resident manager’s door to retrieve the spare only to discover there WAS no spare to be found because my locks had been changed right before I moved in and maintenance had made off with the only spare they had. At this point I’d been trapped outside of my place for almost 3 hours and I was starting to reach that point where my eyes were twitching involuntarily and I was breaking out into fits of crazed laughter. This situation was far too stupid to be anything but funny, and it was compounded by the fact that at this moment I remembered I could have used a door code on my parents’ garage to get inside and get their copy of my key.

Suddenly I remembered what day it was. And I laughed. Hard. I’m sure my elderly neighbors found the spectacle of a cackling twenty-something out in the parking lot to be pretty strange, but I didn’t care. I realized that the superstitious “holiday” that my friends never stopped dreading had finally caught up with me and exacted its revenge for years of neglect. Well played, fates. Well played. However, at this point my mind cleared and I remembered that my front window wasn’t locked, so I popped off the screen, opened it up and reached inside to unlock the knob. My temporary lapse in security diligence ended up being my way back in. If only I had remembered this at the moment I shut my door behind me in the first place. Needless to say, my windows are now shut and firmly locked and will not be opening up again any time soon, but it sure saved my bacon this time.

I still do not believe in silly things like bad luck on Friday the 13th, but I have every last shred of faith in my own stupidity and negligence. Hurray for stupidity.

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    “On Superstition”

  1. AsianCow
    February 15th, 2009 at 4:57 am

    Man, what a day. Although, you take a risk by continuing to deny the existence of the power behind bad luck. You be in for even more. Time will tell.

    Your day reminds me of life in Egypt. More in line with the bureaucracy of the school administration here. If you want anything done, it usually requires multiple visits to different offices scattered across campus. Once you’ve figured out the correct order, then its only a matter of getting the correct stamps and approvals. All to take up most of your day, then finally returning back to where you started just then to find out office hours are closed, and then having to return the next day. But wait, its Thursday, which really is Friday here. So that means waiting until Sunday. Ug.

    Anyways, thanks for the comments. I tried to nerd out as much as possible. Worth it. Oh, and thanks for the VD Day gift (yes I said VD).

    How’s the jump hunting going?

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