ReBrand ’09 Highlights

March 5th, 2009
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The results of the 2009 ReBrand 100 awards were released today and I’ll be damned if it isn’t a plethora of branding goodness. I’ve only managed to go over about half of the submissions so far and I have to say there is so much good stuff here, you’d be cheating yourself not to go through it. I’m going to compile a list of some of my favorites that I found (based entirely on first impression) after the jump, but you really ought to go spend some time looking through the results when you have a moment. Some of the best stuff didn’t take the highest honors, but the awards are issued based on the best evolution of the brand rather than how cool something looks, so in that sense most of the winners make sense. At any rate, have a look at my selection, then go check the rest out.

Easily one of my favorites, the brand update for Estravel (which I believe is a European arm of American Express centered around…well, travel) is a fantastic refresh if for no reason other than it sheds its incrediboring corporate skin for something much more personable while still maintaining the AMEX blue. Ten (or even five) years from now it will likely be difficult to distinguish from the onslaught of logos that utilized this aesthetic, but it still gets points for moving its brand forward.

Come on. How can you not want to eat at a BBQ restaurant called Smokey Bones? Especially when its new logo looks so perfectly appropriate for the type of restaurant and the atmosphere you would expect from a BBQ eatery. My mouth is watering just thinking about some delicious ribs. It’s also watering because of the great imperfect hand-drawn type.

Dedeman is a hardware store chain in Europe, specifically Germany I think. The update to this logo is like night and day, and while I don’t necessarily get the whole inclusion of the dog, I dig the new look and it’s not only more contemporary, it’s just a better fit. There are some great illustrations and photos of the store layout redesign as well, definitely worth looking at.

Another travel-centric company, this update opts for simple, stark, and impossible to miss. I’m a sucker for stuff like this especially when it’s done well. Applying the archetypal language of airport and train station signage to a travel company makes all the sense in the world. Thank goodness it was executed properly.

Not only an update to the logo, but an update to the organization’s name as well. It uses the grunge aesthetic we’re all pretty familiar with by now, but it does so mindfully. I like to think the objective of employing it was to stop sugar coating and over sterilizing the message that we’re used to seeing from these children support organizations and be more up front about the dirtiness and hardship that plagues the lives of the children the organization attempts to help. I’ll be curious to see how this one holds up.

I can’t not put up the rebranding of a good old fashioned American family road-trip highway attraction. It could just as easily have been a petrified forest or a ginormous ball of twine, but Howe Caverns decided it needed something more captivating to pull in potential tourists. I’m torn, because part of me would love to have seen a contemporary take on these old time classics, but I have a feeling the owners wanted something a bit more “Xtreme.”

Last but surely not least, this purely typographical update for the International Center for Journalists is definitely one of my favorites, and really it’s because of the simple interlocking of the F and the J at the end of the mark. Goes to show that sometimes the best work doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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  1. Dedeman’s rebranding is indeed awesome, but do mind that Dedeman is a romanian company that has not yet spread to the whole of Europe, but who knows?


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