Robots For Breakfast is Go!

April 15th, 2009
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I am pleased to announce the completion of my latest logo project, a fun little mark for a business called (you guessed it), Robots For Breakfast. It may surprise you to learn that this business is actually a line of handmade women’s apparel, and not some sort of food or tech based venture like the name might suggest. But quite frankly, I think that makes the name (and the project) all the better. It’s quirky, fun and very unique, which lends itself well to the clothing it brands. Read on to see how it was developed.

This has been one of those few projects where the name and nature of the brand dictated the direction of the logo development clearly and quickly. When I first met with the client, it was decided that whatever the logo was, it needed to be iconic, recognizable, and most importantly, fun and quirky (like the name). Nothing elegant or too prim and proper; this logo called for distinct and immediate personality. So, I set to work on a few different options.

The Type-Based Solutions



For these explorations, the idea was to explore the possibilities of making a mark based solely on type explorations. During the initial meeting with the client, we had kicked around the notion of using “R4B” in lieu of spelling out the name for the web site’s URL, and so I carried this over into the first round of logo explorations. The first one is a strange mix of bubbly happiness with some urban undertones (I use that word in its strongest sense), which I think conveys a certain amount of personality, but ultimately not the right kind. The second admittedly takes its cues from the USA network logo, and while it’s a nice looking mark, it’s more or less devoid of expression and would be better suited for something more corporate.

The Evolution of The Icon



After spending a fair amount of time working on various other type-based experiments, I switched gears over to more iconic marks. In retrospect, it seems a bit silly that I toyed with anything that didn’t include a robot somehow, but it never hurts to get some of that stuff out of your system. At any rate, the obvious (and appropriate) thing to do was to explore ideas using…well, robots.

At first I thought I would try something just featuring a robot, so I sketched up the giant robot towering over the cityscape idea. It’s fun, and it’s heading in the right direction, but it’s too detailed and still not ultimately where things needed to go. You can see however that this is the first use of the fully spelled out name.

The next logical step was to put a robot in a cereal bowl and stamp the “R4B” onto it. As you can see, a single robot poking out of a bowl looks more like a robot with a huge head and a squished torso, but three little robots suddenly provides the context necessary to identify the bowl as a bowl and things are starting to come together. In the final product, the “R4B” is swapped out for the fully spelled out name underneath the mark, the bowl is made just a bit more shallow, and the robots are tweaked a tad to make the proportions and composition come out right.


All in all, the process was pretty straightforward, but this was one of those rare projects where the concept for the logo comes packaged tightly in the brand name. What’s exciting about this project though is we’re now exploring possibilities for a flexible identity that would put these rascally little automatons into other breakfast related utensils and such, and the marks could be used interchangeably. We’ve already got the first alternate done and are brainstorming a few others.


I’ll continue to provide updates on this project as it progresses. We’ve still got work to do on the collateral and of course on getting a website put together, so this won’t be the last of Robots For Breakfast on this blog. As we continue to develop and complete the identity, my client’s goal is to get the clothes into boutiques around the Portland area over the next few months, once we’ve had the chance to create the clothing labels and website. And for the record, the clothes themselves are pretty awesome; you can have a look at the current website, which is home to a flickr slideshow of some of the garments.

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  1. This mark mark is a perfect compliment to a qurky trade name. Your design treatment makes it memorable and desireable.I love the bots – I can hardly wait to see where they’ll show up next! Congratulations… Home run!

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