The few of you out there who actually still look at my blog have likely noticed two recent trends. The first is that I don’t update as often as I used to. This is something I intend on changing in the very near future; I’ve been so swamped with an overabundance of work (not complaining!) that will to sit in front of a computer screen any longer than I have to is next to none lately. Once I get some of these big projects out of the way, I will make my triumphant return to regular updates.

The second trend is that I’ve taken to a submitting a lot of photos that use my iPhone’s camera rather than my DSLR. I’ve become fascinated with the idea of using that camera to capture some of life’s more interesting, ‘spur of the’ moments as of late, and I think it’s produced some interesting results. However, as many of these photos are submitted directly to Twitter, they tend not to make it here to the blog. This post is intended to correct that, and so, here is a compilation of some of the more interesting shots I’ve snapped in the past month. Hopefully you enjoy them.

Dinner For Two

Theory of Evolution

Cool Cat

Found Hilarity

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