Red Knight—The Unboxing

October 10th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Gaming


In the Summer of 2008, a small independent game developer published a downloadable title for a little-known game console called the Xbox360. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

The game I am speaking of is, of course, Castle Crashers, and it took the Xbox gamers by storm during August ’08 and to this day remains one of the most popular online multiplayer titles on the platform. It’s a total blast, it’s damn charming, and it was all I played for a good long while after it came out.

Shortly after the game’s release, The Behemoth announced that they would be manufacturing and selling figurines based on the games tiny but vicious protagonists, and I knew immediately I had to have one for my desk. My original plan last September was to order all four knights (red, green, blue, orange) and let them stand proudly together in ferocious little poses, as there was a significant discount for purchasing them together. Somehow I never got around to placing my order, and I forgot about the little guys for a while.

Two weeks ago (and a year later), I remembered about this silly idea of mine and cruised over to The Behemoth’s store to grab a couple of the little guys. The price had increased a tad since last Fall, and so I opted to start out with just one, and of course I had to go with my favorite, the Red Knight. I knew that when he arrived I would enjoy having him to proudly display next to my monitor, but what I didn’t know was that the packaging and labels on the box would be so neat. So, I did what any self respecting gamer nerd would do; I snapped photos of the unboxing. Huzzah!






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