More of the Same

February 3rd, 2010
Posted by Evan Rowe in Branding


A small little mom and pop cable and internet provider named Comcast (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) made an announcement today that they’re rolling out a company-wide rebrand starting next week. Which would be great if they hadn’t chosen to trade their name and mark in for something even more uninspired and cliche than what they already have. Ladies and gentlemen, I give unto you, XFINITIY™. No, I’m not kidding. And yes, all caps are required when it’s spelled out.

I don’t need to launch into my typical lengthy diatribe about why I think this is a mistake, except to say that it is a futile exercise in swapping out one bland identity for another. To be fair, the mark itself isn’t all that terrible (albeit boring), but the name sticks out as a half-baked attempt at being awesome and dangerous and futuretastic all at once. It seems to be a classic case of “What will consumers think is really cool?”

Annoyingly, this will actually probably resonate with a good number of folks because it will undoubtedly fit right into their idea of what is “really cool.” This bothers me on a certain level, mainly because I like to think people generally know better than to buy into obvious pandering, but I am positive there will be people who are totally on board with this. Not that it matters, of course; in the end they’re still the same company, and my personal struggle with them as the purveyor of something I feel I deeply require but whom I don’t completely trust, will continue.

If you are feeling compelled to punish yourself and want to know more, feel free to mosey on over to the post on Comcast’s blog (linked below). I got about halfway through it before nausea set in and I had to stop reading.

Via [Gizmodo] and [The Official Comcast Blog]

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    “More of the Same”

  1. Link
    February 3rd, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    This is what I see when looking at XFINITY’s logo. Also, I think of XHIBIT.

  2. I’m happy they decided to change their name to something bland and uninspired. It’s a free notice that the upper management making decisions are bland and uninspired decision makers. And they were probably sick of being called comcrap.

  3. XFINITY comes across like Comcast thinks they’re all grown up and finally can hang out with the cool kids. Instead it looks like a gawky rich dude who purchased a Sony Xplode subwoofer to pimp out their Segway.

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