This is a platform for me to share my thoughts, ideas, work, and things that I like with those of you who actually come to visit the site. My hope is that the number of visitors will grow steadily over time. Maybe. Most of what I discuss is indeed “design related” in some fashion, although the odd post that has nothing to do with design will appear every now and then. I also intend to share some of my random adventures with you, although they tend to be much more rare than they were in days of old. Those of you who used to read my assorted blogs in the past know exactly what I’m talking about.

Me & You

I am hopeful that there will be a greater degree of “audience participation” around here than I have seen in the past. I like comments. I welcome them openly. Everybody has something to say, and I believe that discourse is far more interesting than me just spouting off my opinions into the void and rarely ever receiving a response. Challenge me. Discuss with me. And each other. I suspect you’ll be glad you did.

Why Lobsters?

I think a more pertinent question would be, “Why not lobsters?” Honestly, there is no real reason behind my use of lobsters other than I find them to be odd, funny and quirky little animals, and so in that sense I can relate to them. I cannot relate to the claws part. As for why they’ve been paired with ligatures, that has everything to do with my love of typography. So, in actuality, the blog’s title sums me up very nicely.

Of Lobsters & Ligatures is run on WordPress 2.8, my blogging platform of choice. It uses a custom, built from scratch theme which is regularly evolving, becoming more robust and including extra functionalities. I consider it to still be in Beta, and not unlike the majority of Google’s products, it may well stay that way indefinitely.

This site is built to work in Safari, Firefox and other browsers that are known for being in compliance with web standards. It does not appear 100% properly in any version of Internet Explorer before IE8, and I do not intend to change this (though if it happens by accident, hurray I guess). If you’re still using IE, please do yourself a favor; trade it in for a big kid’s browser and then come back.

Will You do Work For Me?

The short answer is “probably.” It depends on the work you are interested in having done for you, the time frame you have to work with, and my current schedule when you get ahold of me. My availability is currently very open, so I am more than happy to discuss anything with you if you believe I can help you out. I am accepting offers for Brand & Identity design, print design and XHTML/CSS-based web design (nothing Flash-based at the moment; my skills need more honing). Have a gander at my portfolio, snag my contact information and drop me a line.