Origins of Idioms, Part I

August 11th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Random

Every so often, Josiah DePaoli and I get into discussions regarding the ridiculous nature of popular adages of the English language. Our discourse is more often than not highly enlightening, so it seems only fit to begin sharing the knowledge. This is one such discussion.


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Summer in the City

July 29th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Random

Didn’t know if y’all had heard, but our friend Sol has been paying the city of Portland a visit these days. Temperatures hit around 110° F at their peak, hotter still in certain areas. I was foolish enough to be walking around the city during the day for short periods of time; figured I’d share a few quick stills I grabbed while I was out and about.




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How Hot Is It?

July 29th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Random

It’s so hot that Maeby has gone completely mad and transformed into a common variety LOLCAT.


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As many of my fellow Portlanders are probably aware (whether they were present or not), a rumor began floating around on Twitter yesterday that Dave Chapelle was going to put on a surprise/secret show in Pioneer Square at midnight. By the time the rumor reached me, I had already heard/read that he’d been sighted around Portland several times during the preceding few days, so I figured that it was likely to be legit, albeit sketchy. It reminded me of the secret last minute shows that bands tend to put on (particularly in large cities like New York and San Fran), so despite a lack of absolute proof, I was willing to take the risk. I’d seen him perform live before (and paid a pretty penny for it as well), and have been waiting for a chance to see him perform again since the moment I left the arena all those years ago. Hell, even if it was some kind of hoax, I thought there’d be no harm in trying; it was a nice summer evening and it was kind of fun to get out and people watch.

What I wasn’t ready for was the insane number of people that gathered; slowly at first, but with gathering speed as the clock approached midnight. Asking most of the people around us, it seemed that Twitter was almost entirely responsible for the word getting out. Ashley and I were among the first 50 to arrive. The square was by no means crowded, but there were enough people around that we felt good about not being the only potential suckers. Over the next hour, the number of people rose to about 250, and the steps were beginning to fill up. Forty minutes later, there were over 1,000 people. Just before midnight, the square was absolutely packed to overflowing, with people climbing to all sorts of unusual places to secure a place to watch. There were groups that had climbed up onto the roof of Starbuck’s, others climbed on top of the glass shelters above the MAX station, and still more perched on precarious ledges and pedestals. All told, the number was likely to be well over 5,000.


I don’t think most people expected that Dave would show up on time. However, after half an hour of waiting and still no signs of him, we were beginning to think perhaps we were all victims of the largest hoax ever pulled. People slowly began leaving. Others jumped onto the stage and tried to incite the crowd…either by yelling or just lifting up their shirts. Eventually we decided that if he hadn’t showed by 1am, we’d bag it. About 5 minutes before we were going to leave, the crowd in one corner of the square erupted and sure enough, there was Dave Chapelle, making his way through the crowd to get up onto the stage. With him, he carried a microphone and the smallest amplifier I’ve ever laid eyes on. read more

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Type Tuesday

May 12th, 2009
Posted by Evan Rowe in Typography


Smile, y’all, it’s Tuesday! Ordinarily, I regard Tuesday as the bane of existence for all humankind, but the sun is out (for now), my Threadless order arrived, and most importantly (and relevant to you), I’ve got some type to share to help make this typically crappy day slightly less crappy.

First off, Smashing Magazine has a new article out featuring some of the best new free fonts out there; some of them are so-so, but there are definitely a couple gems worth snagging.

Secondly, The Dieline has a fresh post listing (in their opinion) the top 15 fonts for package design. Note that these are not free, but it’s worth taking note of some of them for future reference.

Now get on out there and kick some Tuesday ass!

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